Re: Low Cost Sales SKILL Testing Available for Small Business
Thu, 19 Mar 98 20:03:26 EST

Re: Low Cost Sales SKILL Testing Available for Small Business
$49.00 Sales SKILL Test will...
1. Eliminate BAD Hires.
2. Determine PROBLEM(s) with Marginal Salesmen and Offer Corrective Solutions.
3. Increase PRODUCTIVITY of Top Salesmen.

What would happen to your bottom line if you could predict Sales Success

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Low Cost Sales SKILL Test can
1. Eliminate Bad Hires.
2. Point out Weakness(s) of Marginal Sales Reps. with Suggestions for Improvement.

3. Increase Performance of Your Top Salesperson.
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Before you hire you need to know if they can sell. Will they get out and prospect? Will they manage their time? Do they know how to close? Are they burned out? Can they handle objections and rejections? Etc. Etc.

With the Sales Success Profile you get answers to questions and more before a hiring mistake is made. It can also be used to help marginal sales people get over sales slumps or fine tune the skills of your top performers.

The Profile is a 50 question multiple choice SKILLS test that measures 13 critical selling skills; NOT personality. Your examinee is compared to over 500,000 other successful salespeople and the scoring software will generate a percentile graph, narrative report and training tips for each individual tested.

The test measures Approach & Involvement, Overcoming Objections, Being Able to Close, Ethics, Polite & Courteous, Friendly & Warm, Handling Problems, Qualifying Buyers, Prospecting & Cold Calls, Presentations, Time Management, Telephone Technique and Call Enthusiasm. It even compared the examinees own pre-test opinion with the test results which can be very valuable in the final analysis.

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Here is our NO RISK half price offer. We sell this test with a client self-scoring software disk for $49.00 per test in multiples of 5, 10 or 20.

We have some clients who only need two or three sales profiles per year and prefer to have us score the tests one at a time and send them the results. We charge $40.00 for this service, or a total of $89.00. So here is our offer. We will send you a complete test, plus sample reports for your review. If after receiving this information you decide you want to test yourself, or one your sales people, fill out the test and send it back with a check for $44.50 in the self addressed return envelope. I will rush back your results and if after receiving your test results you are dissatisfied in any way, let me know and I will promptly return your money.

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Your return Email is all I need to get your sample test on the way. Send me you name and address and I will mail your test packet the next day. You will not be disappointed. This test has been used by major corporations and thousands of small business like yourself for over twenty years. It works and will both save and make you money.