Tim Ballingall ( tim@mazda.com.au )
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 14:47:08 +1000

I have just changed Radius NT from text to ODBC mode.. Whilst running in
text mode I had set one of my own attributes & then set this for each
user ..(ie I set Primary-DNS server in the dictionary file ) That worked

With apologies for the stupid question, how do acomplish this whilst
running in ODBC mode...ie How do I set custom attributes for each
user..? I can enter the Rad Attribute into the RadAttributes table, but
how do I set the value for all users...?

Also, when I run in debug mode ( -x15 -w ), in text mode, I get the
message Maximum 100 users loaded without licence... I have pruchased &
installed the license...

( Using Access database... )


Tim Ballingall
Network Administrator
Mazda Australia Pty Limited