Re: Back on topic - Re: PM, MAX, or USR

Michael Whisenant ( )
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 08:55:15 -0600

>We are in the middle of "GTE Won't Spend Any Money" land. The local CO has
>a GTD-5 switch and the surrounding areas on even older Vidar ITAS-5
>(ITS5EA) switches. We want to bring in Trunk Side CT1's, 5 here and 1 each
>from 7 other communities.
I am working with this exact equipment in two rural areas in Alabama. As
previously stated all the equipment will work to a degree. As you know
from dealing with GTE, their gear is much older design and they are not
interested in upgrading just to offer PRI service. I am very satisified
with the US Robotics epuipment working with the GTD-5 switches and the
remote terminals that are associated with them. I am opening up another
territory April 1, 1998 that is served by GTE and once again will be
placing a total control chassis in that area to serve the customers. With
GTE and their CT1 service I have found them to be very reliable once they
get the inital bugs worked out. Are you going to be directly out of their
wiring center, or off one of the remote terminals? In one town where we
were off the RT they had numerous problems with the RT they were using. It
would keep the physical layer, but would drop the logical layer, or layer
2. It took some time to determine the problem as the signaling is in-band
and not in a seperate D-channel. The USR's ability to debug and assist me
in proving to the telco it was their problem was great.

Every time that I called in a touble to GTE, they would go into the line,
see layer 1, loop the network portion back and say, "No trouble found".
When they pulled back out, it reset the line from layer 1 up and everything
was fine for about 4 hours. They finally had to replace all the
electronics in the RT. The good news with the CT1 from GTE is they have
been doing this same procedure for so long, even they can make it work. :)

If you are needing port density you can terminate all 12 lines inside a
single total control chassis. You can also do this with the new PM4 which
was announced at ISPCON. I do not know exactly when they can deliver it.

>We currently use PM2e-30's with USR Sportster 33.6 modems. I have been
>following both lists and see about as many people mad at their TC's as
>their PM3's. The problem being that we only hear from those that are mad,
>not the satisfied customers.
>Can anyone give some feedback as to which will work better with the
>Switchgear at hand?
>Of course, each vender say's theirs will work best. How about some
>feedback from real life situations.
>Please help us out here, and please NO RANT's about Quake or Boardwatch or
>testing agencies.
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