Re: K56Flex vs. X2 (Boardwatch article)

Greg Stark ( )
26 Mar 1998 09:29:08 -0500

Michael Whisenant <> writes:
> Actually the real issue is in the local loop. We have worked with
> BellSouth, Seimens, Nortel, Lucent, USR and found several keys in how to
> improve the chances of reliable 56K connections. Like if the subscriber
> line is build out at less than 3db what steps to take, vs a customer site
> that is over 10db loss.
> We have challenged any local, regional, or national ISP to
> outperform our connect and throughput speeds and no one took our
> challenge. The regional or national could not really afford at
> 19.95 to match our level of service, and the other locals decided
> not.

Maybe you could share some of your discoveries? This list is for
people with similar problems and neesd to communicate and help each
other, not just advertise our own superiority.