Re: ISDN Dial Back with USR Total Control Chassis

Michael Whisenant ( )
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 09:01:24 -0600


Just for reference it can perform dial-back. With BellSouth the majority
of the lines sold to ISPs are inward dial only. Are you sure that you have
inward and outward dialing trunks? If so, then it should work without
troubles. But onto a more basic issue. Have the customer contact a CLEC.
While BellSouth as tarriffed the .01 per minute call, and if the consumer
calls that is all that will be offered. I am using CLECs here in Alabama
to resale BellSouth option 1, and option 2 ISDN that is flat rate. All
this and saving the customer 5~10%. I beleive KMC is also in Atlanta, give
them a call.

The inward dial only option is 12% less than the more expensive in and
outward dial PRIs. I use 90% inward only, the remainder I use the outward
dial feature to bypass toll charges, with VOIP. I then carry voice support
traffic over my backbone (7K per call) and make the outward call to the end
user. It still saves me a great deal of money per month.

At 09:35 PM 3/25/98 -0500, you wrote:
>It is my understanding that the USR Total Control Chassis (2059 bundle) has
>the capability to dial back an ISDN customer therefore bypassing the Bell
>South penny per minute charges for over 160 hours.
>We can not seem to get this to work and was wondering if anyone else has got
>the dialback to work. We receive the call it hangs them up but will not
>call them back.
>Also, can you dial back a 128k customer?
>Thanks. Any help would be appreciated.
>Marvin Anglin
>Atlanta On-Line InterNet, Inc.
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