Back on topic - Re: PM, MAX, or USR

John Lange ( )
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 20:20:07 -0600

Has this been blown way off from my original questions. The few responses
I got were helpfull, but this rant has gotten out of control, and I am
still in the dust.

I just sent the following message to the PM & TC lists, and hope you can
help here too! Please, we need your help, not rants.
We are trying to make the decision to go Digital. Well, we made the
decision, now we need the equipment {Grin}.

We are in the middle of "GTE Won't Spend Any Money" land. The local CO has
a GTD-5 switch and the surrounding areas on even older Vidar ITAS-5
(ITS5EA) switches. We want to bring in Trunk Side CT1's, 5 here and 1 each
from 7 other communities.

We currently use PM2e-30's with USR Sportster 33.6 modems. I have been
following both lists and see about as many people mad at their TC's as
their PM3's. The problem being that we only hear from those that are mad,
not the satisfied customers.

Can anyone give some feedback as to which will work better with the
Switchgear at hand?

Of course, each vender say's theirs will work best. How about some
feedback from real life situations.

Please help us out here, and please NO RANT's about Quake or Boardwatch or
testing agencies.

JOhn :}

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