Re: I *hate* FrontPage

Juergen Weiss ( (no email) )
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 16:11:35 +0100

I use FP 98 with IIS4.0 and I love the way to set permissons through FP.
Well it took some hours until I found my way. Now I only set permissons
through FP. You should not change permissons directly through NT. This is
how I do it (sorry I am translating from German, so I am sure some
expressions are not "good"):

FP Explorer > Extras > permissons
remove everyone from the groups tab and klick OK
Then again goto permissons and you will see that the und users the select
button has switched to "only registered users ..." . Check back to "every=
can read ..." and klick APPLY
Now you can add or remove users or groups as you like and FP sets all the
permissons within your web how you like it.

"Nice" feature is that you do not need to be a member of the administrat=
group within NT, you only need to be a FP adminstrator. In that way you c=
change permission rights on remote servers (i. e. colocated) where you do
not have admin rights!

Thats why I like FP, because I have a colocated server where I do not get
admin rights (the servers is not mine it is leased from my upstream).


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Betreff: Re: I *hate* FrontPage

>>Is it just me, or does everyone else have problems with the FrontPage
>>server extensions? 97 seemed stable enough, but after installing 98
>>yesterday, I was not impressed to find the permissions on my NTFS data
>>partiton had been reset to "Everyone...Full Control"
>Permissions change when you don't do anything!
>You give permission explicitly to a user, but they can't log in.
>Or.... They can log into one site but not the other and you set them up
>identically (using the same userid for login to both).
>I don't get it but it has happened too often and from what I have heard =
>too many people to be simply a fluke. It may be that it is affected by
>variables that are not defined well by MS up front.
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