Re: I *hate* FrontPage

Allen Wisor ( )
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 08:56:33 -0600

> too many people to be simply a fluke. It may be that it is affected by
> variables that are not defined well by MS up front.

This is exactly it. I have used frontpage 1.0 and frontpage 97. Currently I am using frontpage 98. The permissions are tricky but if you follow the
proper procedure it works. You should never ftp to a frontpage site, only publish.( another lack of documentation ) I did have a problem with 98 and
publishing from a disk based site but ms has since resolved it.

I have learn most of the quirks of the fp 98 server and working properly it is easy to manage and maintain. I have fp98 machines that have been
running for months at a time without error. Also FP 98 is great for the begining internet user.

That' my 1/2 cent worth.

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