Re: Formatted Email

Richard Lachance ( )
Mon, 02 Feb 1998 10:49:43 -0500

At 23:48 98-02-01 CST, you wrote:
>email? I have always used basic text on my email as a courtesy to all list
>users no matter which list I was on. That way all clients can read my
>message without having to cancel attachments as they are downloaded. I ask
>that you send me your thoughts on this matter. If the general consensus on

Hello John,

I am of the same mind as you; I would prefer that everyone used basic text
for their message in consideration of others. Although I use a mailer
capable of handling MIME messages, I find it irritating to end up with a
bunch of useless files in my "download" directory, many of them .vcf files...

Also, since every message written in the mailing list is sent to over 500
mailboxes, I deem it proper etiquette to think twice about the content and
relevance of a message, before sending it out.


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