Formatted Email

John Scrivner ( )
Sun, 1 Feb 98 23:48:15 CST

I have a question to those of you who have used this list longer than I
have. I have been called a loser by an un-named ISP, who later apologized,
for complaining about his use of MIME encoded email on this list. Do the
users of this list approve of encoded attachments being generated on list
email? I have always used basic text on my email as a courtesy to all list
users no matter which list I was on. That way all clients can read my
message without having to cancel attachments as they are downloaded. I ask
that you send me your thoughts on this matter. If the general consensus on
this list is that MIME attachments are not a problem I will shut up and that
will be the end of it. If any of you are sick and tired, as I am, of having
to stop what your doing to cancel this formatted email crap then please let
me know. I for one am sick of having to put up with it. On the list it is not accepted behavior. Please
reply to the list with your thoughts either way.
John Scrivner

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