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Jim Phillips ( (no email) )
Tue, 3 Feb 1998 06:52:28 +1100

I thought that email represented a new way of communicating, similar to
telephones around the turn of the century. Spelling and layout are not an
issue, it is just words that you would speak put in electronic print.

As well as being rude to send anything that is other than straight text,
email is not a competition to see who can format the best.

I agree, lets KISS think of the lowest common denominator.

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Date: Tuesday, 3 February 1998 0:17
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>n>At 23:48 01/02/98 CST, John Scrivner wrote:
>n>>If any of you are sick and tired, as I am, of having
>n>>to stop what your doing to cancel this formatted email crap then
>n>please let >me know
>n>I'm with you - I HATE it.
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