Re: Evaluating ISP account managment packages.

John David M. Miller ( (no email) )
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 00:03:11 -0500

Thanks for the response. Questions below:

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From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>
>Its an IMail issue. We have worked with several other mail
>packages that DO support external integration. IMail doesn't
>(besides the adduser program, which is less than desirable).

Is this the command line method Platypus and perhaps BOB uses?

>You can see our mailing lists for Support responses.

>We try to offer a solution which is better suited for what
>people want to do. Adding users into the NT SAM is one of the
>poorest choices you can make. Out FTP integration solutions
>with Serv-U is far superior and doesn't have all the security
>problems IIS' FTP server will have.

How about the web site creation virtual and or domain?
I do not need DNS integration as we use MetaIP and can
already access it remotely. Activation of a customers web
space would be very helpful for our staff.

I will check this out tonight.
>RadiusNT is an integral part of Emerald and you do not
>need to purchase it seperately. Also if you call us about
>integration with another package, we will not be able to help
>you. :(

I completely understand. Thanks again.

John Miller