Re: Evaluating ISP account managment packages.

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 21:45:50 -0800

> >Its an IMail issue. We have worked with several other mail
> >packages that DO support external integration. IMail doesn't
> >(besides the adduser program, which is less than desirable).
> Is this the command line method Platypus and perhaps BOB uses?

Yes. It requires manual intervention on the server side or
some kind of cron/batch check, etc. Its fairly ugly considering
the clean direct integration we achieve with NTMail and Mailsite.

> >We try to offer a solution which is better suited for what
> >people want to do. Adding users into the NT SAM is one of the
> >poorest choices you can make. Out FTP integration solutions
> >with Serv-U is far superior and doesn't have all the security
> >problems IIS' FTP server will have.
> How about the web site creation virtual and or domain?

For personal pages it can be somewhat automatic. For virtual
domains there will always be some manual intervention. We are
working on some high-end enterprise options to handle DNS, IPs,
etc all in one, but its a little far away at this point.

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