Re: Error 2 Loading Registry Info

Dan Waldron ( (no email) )
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 12:48:10 +1100

That explains it, as there were only 5 subnets under:


I also failed to mention that the "E100B24" shown above will vary depending
on your network adaptor. Everything is running just fine now. God knows what
I do if I need to get into TCP/IP properties for some other reason...


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From: Howie Hamlin <>
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Date: Thursday, 15 January 1998 12:22
Subject: Re: Error 2 Loading Registry Info

>You have to make sure that you also add the subnets at the same time.
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>From: Dan Waldron <>
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>Date: Wednesday, January 14, 1998 8:07 PM
>Subject: Error 2 Loading Registry Info
>>Some of you may remember that for the last few weeks I have been having
>>trouble accessing my TCP/IP set up to add new IP addresses to a NT 4.0 SP3
>>server (Intel). I wasn't able to solve the actual problem, and it seems as
>>though no-one at Microsoft can help except for the standard "reinstall a
>>fresh copy of NT" answer, which of course is unacceptable.
>>I have managed to find a way to add IP addresses manually in the registry
>>work around this glitch. I founs it at:
>>Using Regedit.exe, you can see the IPs ok, but it's much easier to enter
>>them using regedt32.exe, as it has it's multi string dialogue box to add
>>The good news is it works, the bad news is that not all of the IPs I added
>>work - is there still a 5 IP limitation per adapter? If so, what's the
>>workaround? Please don't direct me to my TCP/IP properties :-)
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