Re: Evaluating ISP account managment packages.

John David M. Miller ( (no email) )
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 23:52:42 -0500

Thanks for your comments/recommendation.

I have been getting excellent response from Boardtown
(Platypus) with the abundance of questions I have been
asking. They relayed to me that they will supply scripts
that utilize the IMail command line interface to integrate
with IMail. They relayed that RadiusNT will use the same
MS SQL database as their package with the appropriate
fields. I have requested more information to detail these
features as I want to verify that (multi) domain mail accounts can
be setup/managed via the actual Platypus interface. Also to
determine whether additional fields within the interface
are needed for the RadiusNT interface or if existing fields
within the program do the trick.

Regarding Internet BOB, I was getting very good response
to my questions but my last e-mail (two days ago) has gone
unanswered. It may have been lost in the ether so I will be
re-sending tomorrow. I am not sure if it's just the demo
on their site or me missing something but BOB appeared to
be missing some options for invoicing etc.. that I see listed
on their site. Perhaps they are part of a SQL interface?
I am also unsure how I feel about the web based interface.
I found the more "standard" Platypus interface easier to
navigate and more multi-task oriented. Any comments?

With Emerald I received a phone call from one of their reps.
I returned the call and my first question was regarding the
IMail integration. She immediately transferred me to a tech.
who was unavailable. I left a voice mail to have him give
me call and have not heard anything since. This was also
two days ago. Not a good sign. I was leaning toward Emerald
when I first started this evaluation process. RadiusNT (.49)
and the generous members of this list in general have saved
my butt more than a few times. I hoped to return the favor to
IEA and Dale in particular by going with their product. The
obvious integration with RadiusNT alone would be saving
me money also.

Thanks again

John Miller
>John --
>I have tested all three packages, and found that all three have their
>strengths. However, IMail was my choice for a mail package, and I-BOB is
>the only one that integrates with that; in fact, it integrates with WU-FTP
>and RadiusNT as well. It also integrates with most credit card packages.
>The big kicker - I had some questions to ask about program customization.
>When I emailed them, I not only recieved two replies within 5 minutes, but
>one was from Robin Greenhagen, the President. My request for information
>was almost immediately settled, and there were follow-up messages as well.
>I have not heard back from Emerald yet...and that was a few days ago...
>Features aside, if there response is indicative of the support offered by
>the Internet BOB folk, they would certainly get my vote!
>(All the usuall stuff about not working for the company, and just being a
>satisfied customer, apply..)