Re: Evaluating ISP account managment packages.

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 20:31:04 -0800

John David M. Miller wrote:
> I noticed that Emerald does not integrate with IMail and sent an
> e-mail to my rep. to see if he can get one of the developers
> to contact Dale.

Its an IMail issue. We have worked with several other mail
packages that DO support external integration. IMail doesn't
(besides the adduser program, which is less than desirable).

> I would appreciate hearing from users of these products about
> your experiences with them and their their support techs..

You can see our mailing lists for Support responses.

> We are trying to setup a package that will Integrate with IIS4
> for creating customer WWW and FTP permissions and service.

We try to offer a solution which is better suited for what
people want to do. Adding users into the NT SAM is one of the
poorest choices you can make. Out FTP integration solutions
with Serv-U is far superior and doesn't have all the security
problems IIS' FTP server will have.

> And, soon to be purchased, RadiusNT 2.2 integration.

RadiusNT is an integral part of Emerald and you do not
need to purchase it seperately. Also if you call us about
integration with another package, we will not be able to help
you. :(

> Hopefully we are not asking for too much in a package or a bill. ;-)

Not at all.

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