Re: Allocating privilidges

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 12:35:47 -0800

> Hi Guys,
> We got the Emerald software installed and the RadiusNT running as a
> service. Previuosly we were using the System Administrator account (sa)
> to do all the work, now we want to start assigning priviledges. Using
> the Emerald Administrator, we created accounts. Now we are no longer

The permissions inside Emerald itself will not be available until
the 2.5 release. 2.2 and lower had a feature called Emerlad Remote,
which is what you are using here.

> able to access any of the information unless we logg on as 'sa'. For
> example, a user named Sheldon was set up with Administrator Access to
> the group : Dial-back users and No Access to any other groups. Using the
> SQL Trace and logged on as Sheldon and doing a search on all users, the
> following SQL statement was captured:
> SELECT DISTINCT sa.FirstName, sa.LastName, Company, sa.Login,
> ma.CustomerID, sa.AccountID FROM MasterAccounts_Remote ma,
> SubAccounts_Remote sa WHERE ma.CustomerID=sa.CustomerID ORDER BY
> sa.LastName
> Running this statement in the isql/w query tool included with SQL Server
> yielded the following response:
> Msg 208, Level 16, State 1
> Invalid object name 'MasterAccounts_Remote'.
> Msg 208, Level 16, State 1
> Invalid object name 'SubAccounts_Remote'.
> Using the Enterprise Manager included with SQL Server, I check the
> objects in the Emerald database and there is no table or view named
> MasterAccounts_Remote or SubAccounts_Remote. What can be done to solve
> this problem????

Remote was only designed for allowing a reseller to run Emerald
and manage a group. The views are in the Emerald 2.2 archive in
a file named instview.sql.

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