Re: Crash during Batch Out

Interlink America ( (no email) )
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 14:40:00 -0500

>> Can I trick it by just setting them all to Transtype=3 and then
>> them, or is there implications I'm overlooking by doing that? Is there a
>> simple solution that I'm overlooking?
>Reset the ones from 2 to 0 (look at the LastModifyDate) that are in the
>range you want. Then just rebatch. I use an SQL Statement like this:
>Update ExternalTrans Set TransType = 0 Where LastModifyDate >= '2/20/98'

Silly me, I don't know why I thought 3, seems obvious it should be 0.
However, for some reason whenever I batch out from that one computer it
hangs, and then gives me the Blue Screen of Death with a REDIR VxD, so looks
like I've got a Windows issue. Batched out from another machine fine. Thanks
for the help.

Pat Augustine
Interlink America