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Robert H. Clugston ( (no email) )
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 12:51:22 -0800

Thanks for your help. Currently I'm waiting for a copy of CR 6.0. I've only got 4.2 :(

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Robert H. Clugston wrote:
> Thanks, I can now functionally print invoices.
> I'm still having one problem though. The bottom portions of the invoices

This is the other problem that I noted in my previous message.

> This happens to about 75% of the invoices I print. Sometimes Dates, names,
> and totals mix between three or four invoices. When I go back and print the
> invoices by themselves I don't have a problem. Do you have any Ideas?

To reiterate the issue, this is a behavioral change between CR 4.5 and
CD 5.0. The footer used to belong to the previous or last section on
the page. It not belongs to the current section, which is the first
section on the next page.

You can grab the inv50.rpt to find out how to correct the problem.
Basically, you must create a second section on the outside grouping, and
move the lines from the page footer to the second section footer.

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