Re: Can't Invoice Next Term

Steve Williams ( (no email) )
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 23:12:17 +1000

So we can't automatically send out multiple overdue notices like every other
business on Earth (businesses that don't use Emerald anyway)? Awww....

I am eager to see the major changes that are supposed to be in Emerald 2.5.

Steve Williams

From: Jeff Woods <>

>Welcome to HELL. It's called the "no balance forward" lack-of-feature.
>If the PRIOR bill has not been PAID when you do the NEXT billing RUN, then
>the invoice won't generate. If there is an open (unpaid) invoice, then
>NOTHING you do will create a valid invoice for the NEXT term that, when
>paid, will properly update their expiry date. The ONLY solution is to get
>payment for TWO months (this time), pay the one invoice, then invoice next
>term and pay it at once. Once you PAY (or VOID) the existing open invoice
>for that customer (use the invoices tab, select "Show unpaid invoices
>only", and search for the customer), then you'll be able to create ONE
>(exactly ONE) new invoice for that customer, and no more (until THAT one is
>You'll also have to use SQL queries to watch expiry dates, and you'll
>frequently have to go through EACH record ONE BY ONE to ensure that
>everyone got billed.
>Emerald 2.5 is supposed to have balance forward billing. I can't wait.
>(Sarcasm mode on)
>It is due to be released in October 1997 at least report.
>(Sarcasm mode off)
>Seriously, Dale is apparently concentrating on RADIUS-NT 2.5 at this time,
>and we have no estimated release date for Emerald 2.5 at this time. In
>Dale's own words...
>"Management won't let me say ANYTHING about it anymore. ;-("