Re: Can't Invoice Next Term

Jeff Woods ( )
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 07:29:49 -0500

Welcome to HELL. It's called the "no balance forward" lack-of-feature.
If the PRIOR bill has not been PAID when you do the NEXT billing RUN, then
the invoice won't generate. If there is an open (unpaid) invoice, then
NOTHING you do will create a valid invoice for the NEXT term that, when
paid, will properly update their expiry date. The ONLY solution is to get
payment for TWO months (this time), pay the one invoice, then invoice next
term and pay it at once. Once you PAY (or VOID) the existing open invoice
for that customer (use the invoices tab, select "Show unpaid invoices
only", and search for the customer), then you'll be able to create ONE
(exactly ONE) new invoice for that customer, and no more (until THAT one is

You'll also have to use SQL queries to watch expiry dates, and you'll
frequently have to go through EACH record ONE BY ONE to ensure that
everyone got billed.

Emerald 2.5 is supposed to have balance forward billing. I can't wait.

(Sarcasm mode on)

It is due to be released in October 1997 at least report.

(Sarcasm mode off)

Seriously, Dale is apparently concentrating on RADIUS-NT 2.5 at this time,
and we have no estimated release date for Emerald 2.5 at this time. In
Dale's own words...

"Management won't let me say ANYTHING about it anymore. ;-("

At 07:52 PM 2/16/98 -0600, you wrote:

>Emerald 2.2.38
>This problem just reared it's ugly little head.
>We have about 10 out of 1000 customers that we cannot do an "Invoice Next
>Term". Emerald also did "NOT" create an invoice for these customers at the
>begining of the month.
>Now "OF COURSE" these customers are calling & complaining that they didn't
>get a bill - "Why are we cut off".
>We run a nightly checkdb in SQL Tasks. And I ran Dale's checkdb script
>We can still NOT do an invoice next term, it says "NO Invoices To Create".
>Paid thru, Expire, etc are all set to 2/15/98. We should be able to do this.
>In the past when we got one of these, we had to delete the account &
>re-create them.
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