Re: Call Accounting with RadiusNT and MS Access

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 03 Jul 1997 13:52:37 -0700

Dan Milam wrote:
> I just set this up and was wondering if and how I can capture the Caller
> ID (CLID) from the Max 4004. I understand that RadiusNT will read the
> table and identify the fields but, what would you name the field?
> (NASclid)

If you want RadiusNT to store an accounting attribute, you need to add
the name of the attribute from your dictionary, but without any dashes.

For example, if you want to store the Caller-Id attrbiute, add a field
in the calls table named "CalledId". Make sure you get the type
also (varchar, integer, or date).

> The other thing I have a question about is the CallsOnline quey in the
> radius7.mdb. It's not working and I'm not sure why? It doesn't show
> anyone connected. There's something obvious that I'm missing?

Because with MS Access, you need to enable the Manual Calls Update
option for RadiusNT for this to work.

> Lastly can you give me some information on what your future plans for
> RadiusNT are. I've seen the mail on release 2.x, when do you project this
> will happen. What the price will be and what support options there
> are.

RadiusNT should be available failry soon. We are putting the final
licensing on it as we speak. It will be $495 for two servers, $99
for each additional one. Support will be the same as Emerald (check
the Emerald web page).

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