Call Accounting with RadiusNT and MS Access

Dan Milam ( )
Thu, 03 Jul 1997 13:20:05 -0500

I just set this up and was wondering if and how I can capture the Caller
ID (CLID) from the Max 4004. I understand that RadiusNT will read the
table and identify the fields but, what would you name the field?

The other thing I have a question about is the CallsOnline quey in the
radius7.mdb. It's not working and I'm not sure why? It doesn't show
anyone connected. There's something obvious that I'm missing?

Lastly can you give me some information on what your future plans for
RadiusNT are. I've seen the mail on release 2.x, when do you project this
will happen. What the price will be and what support options there are.

I have a superior that likes RadiusNT but, wants more information before
we use this in production.