Two 'Quick' Questions

Ed Holloway ( )
Sat, 5 Jul 1997 16:11:18 -0400

We have just set up RadiusNT on a P5/166, 64MB Ram, using an Access97 =
Database via ODBC. PM 2e is the TS.

The DB tabels we are using are the ones in the RadNT archive, with =
little modification.

My questions:

1) Users seem to be getting kicked now after a period of time. We have =
not had it running long enough to figure the exact amount of time, but =
it seems to be between 45 Mins to 1.5 Hrs. We did not have this problem =
when we were using our UNIX based radius.
I have looked for a field that may enable this, but have been unable to =
find it.

2) I have selected the "Manual Update" feature in the Radadmin tool, =
and saved it. The calls Online table/view does not seem to reflect the =
current users as I expected it would. Is there anything else I need to =
do to get this part going?

Thanks in advance.

Ed Holloway