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Mourad Dahoumane ( )
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 01:27:16 +0200

this is variable from region to region, country to country and continent to
continent. I'm not joking, When I fisrt started I was in Montreal two
years ago and I had to look around in the city near me what the competition
was doing to evaluate the market, the potential was huge and still is
because the demand was high and the people willing to take the plunge.Now
here in Luxemburg, a country of 400.000 people, it's a bit different market
share and prices are quiet different from north America,. I f you're the
only ISP in your area and cover a potential of 100.000 people then you're
lucky. So looking around your area will give you a first estimate of what
you can ask. If there are others ISP then it's up to you to see if you
stick to your competitor prices or start a war price.

I hope it helps you.

Mourad Dahoumane

At 02:39 PM 6/24/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I am new to the Internet Solutions Provider market any would qenuinely
like some help here. I believe I have done enough testing to go live and
am ready to put my business and residential WEB pages up.
>You can see the by my signature file the software I am running (all
registered!) and the NAS I am using. All of my servers are dual Pentium
Pros (3) with a minimum of 128MB of RAM or more. I currently have a
dedicated T1 to the Internet and one channelized T1 with all 24 pipes
turned up. I am adding a PRI ISDN line in August (US West and God
willing), and all 48 of my digital 33.6 modems are soon to be upgrade to
56Kflex modems.
>What I would like to know is how much smaller ISPs (obviously I'm no
Goliath!) are charging for services such as:
>1) Unlimited dial-in
>2) Limited (say 10 hours per month) dial-in then a premium charge for
extra hours
>3) Web Site hosting
>4) Disk allotment per dial-in user (if any)
>5) Disk allotment per hosted Web site
>6) Other services provided free
>7) Other services provided for a fee
>I DO NOT WANT TO START A LEGAL DEBATE like the one that went on about
price fixing a few days ago. I just want a reasonable chance to break into
a tough business! Please email your suggestions, comments or URLs to take
a look at privately at the address below or at
>I know these two lists contain a great wealth of knowledge. Many, many
thanks in advance for those that take the time to respond. By the way, I
am located in Phoenix, AZ in case you are wondering.
>What I am seeking is some honest input about FAIR pricing.
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