Re: Trouble W/RadiusNT accounting

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 00:09:15 -0700

Douglas L. Smith wrote:
> C:\radius>radius.exe -install
> C:\develop\source\radius\NT\Instsrv.c: Error 120 from OpenSCManager on
> line 236
> Is this a problem with trying to do this under Windows95 or is there some
> other problem. I can run radius with the -x15 flag with no problems.

You can not install RadiusNT as a service on Win95. It just doesn't
have the
API and Service Control Manager to do this.

> The second problem I am haveing is that when I do run radius in debug mode
> I received a ton of duplicate key messages stateing that the data was not
> imported due to the primary key allready existing. So to debug more I
> added an autonumber field into the calls table and made it the primary key.

Not really a good idea. This is going to REALLY fill your DB fast. You
to figure out why you are receiving so many dupes.

> This took care of the duplicate key problem however it added another
> problem. I am now receiveing multiple "Start" and "Stop" AcctStatusType's
> for each person connected. This is an example of one user logged in for 28
> minutes:

Yep. Thats why the key is the fields that it is.

> What does this mean? Is this what I should receive if running in debug
> mode? Is this solved by fixing my first problem and running radius in
> installed mode? If there is anyone who has some input on this that
> would be great.

It means that the NAS is sending the accounting, doesn't like RadiusNT's
response, and sends it again and again...

> Other info which may help: I am useing a Computone PowerRack as the access
> server. It is configured to only dump the accounting info to the radiusNT
> as the primary radius accounting server. When I shut this down and dump
> all the accounting info to the secondary I only recieve two entries.
> When the connection starts and when it stops.

Clear the accounting secret in the PR and see if it solved the problem.
RadiusNT 2.2 (when available) should solve this problem, also.

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