Hosting Services/Dial-In Accounts

Mark A. Knight ( (no email) )
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 14:39:44 -0700

I am new to the Internet Solutions Provider market any would qenuinely =
like some help here. I believe I have done enough testing to go live =
and am ready to put my business and residential WEB pages up.

You can see the by my signature file the software I am running (all =
registered!) and the NAS I am using. All of my servers are dual Pentium =
Pros (3) with a minimum of 128MB of RAM or more. I currently have a =
dedicated T1 to the Internet and one channelized T1 with all 24 pipes =
turned up. I am adding a PRI ISDN line in August (US West and God =
willing), and all 48 of my digital 33.6 modems are soon to be upgrade to =
56Kflex modems.

What I would like to know is how much smaller ISPs (obviously I'm no =
Goliath!) are charging for services such as:

1) Unlimited dial-in
2) Limited (say 10 hours per month) dial-in then a premium charge for =
extra hours
3) Web Site hosting
4) Disk allotment per dial-in user (if any)
5) Disk allotment per hosted Web site
6) Other services provided free
7) Other services provided for a fee

I DO NOT WANT TO START A LEGAL DEBATE like the one that went on about =
price fixing a few days ago. I just want a reasonable chance to break =
into a tough business! Please email your suggestions, comments or URLs =
to take a look at privately at the address below or at =

I know these two lists contain a great wealth of knowledge. Many, many =
thanks in advance for those that take the time to respond. By the way, =
I am located in Phoenix, AZ in case you are wondering.

What I am seeking is some honest input about FAIR pricing.
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