Re: Strange Problem with Radius

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 12:57:02 -0700

Alan Cragg wrote:
> I have a bizarre problem with Radius NT. I am running 1.16.60 on NT 3.51
> sp5 although I saw a similar problem in Win95.
> If radius is running, some applications will not launch and others stop
> responding. For instance if you run the control panel open up desktop and
> click OK the window will freeze. If I stop radius then it closes. Some
> applications especially setup programs will freeze until I stop radius
> after which they continue on normally.
> I have seen this before with another program, Mailconf.exe which comes with
> NT Mail, and I believe the problem was with the mfvc40.dll's or similar
> sounding dll's. Does anybody know what dll's Radius requires and the most
> current or better yet most well behaved versions.

I run RadiusNT on two four NT 4.0 Machines (Two NT Workstations and two
servers) and have never seen this kind of behavior.

NT requires the MSVC40*.dll files to work (its written in Visual C++ 4).
They only time this will cause a problem is if you are trying to update
those DLLs to a newer version (like an install) and there is nothing you
can do but stop RadiusNT during that.

We could compile the portions of MSVC40.dll into the RadiusNT
binary, but that would more than double the size and defeat the
purpose of shared libraries. :(

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