Re: Configuring COMPUTONE to work with RADIUSNT

Jeff Woods ( )
Thu, 29 May 1997 14:16:31 -0400

At 09:16 AM 5/29/97 -0400, you wrote:

>Well, maybe you could give some pointers? We have Radius on a P60 with 64
>Megs of ram, running Nt4.0 service pack1. Using flat file for users. Radius
>ran great last week. Added 3 names to file and now even a good
>authentication will bring it down after it sends the ack to the NAS. In
>radadmin, we have nothing checked except use flat file. Ports are listed
>and in correct sequence in the windows system file. we are using radius .60
>as version.

What version of RadiusNT? We are using an older version, .52, and it works
flawlessly -- it hasn't crashed in over a month, knock wood. I know that
other users have complained bitterly about the newer versions having GPF
problems, so we never upgraded. I'd be happy to post a .ZIP of the older
version we're using if you want to FTP it and give it a try. We have it
all working here now, including authentication, the SERV-U .DLL, and