Radius passwords from SAM not working?

JvdWilk ( JvdWilk@cq-link.sr )
Thu, 29 May 1997 15:19:58 -0300


I'm running RadiusNT 1.16.60 as a service and it works fine. It's all
running from tekst files and logging to tekstfiles. Switching to
databases is something I'm planning to do, but I'm still gathering
information on how to do this.

But for now I'd like it a lot if I could authenticate my users using the
NT SAM database.
I tried editing a users password to "WINNT" (with the quotes and in
uppercase), as it says in the manual v.2.1 but this doesn't work. The
RadiusNT Server just says it's a bad password...

Btw.: The RadiusNT server is running on the primairy domain controler
machine, and the useraccount I tried is a domain user account. (and no,
I didn't use the wrong password... ;-) )

What could this be..?



BTW.: I'm a bit confused on the versions... I'm running a version
1.16.60, and reading a manual 2.1. Do these two match, or are there
other (later) versions of RadiusNT then v. 1.16.60 ?