Re: Can't figure this out

Greg Lowthian ( )
Thu, 29 May 1997 11:12:21 -0700

At 10:40 AM 5/29/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Greg Lowthian wrote:
>> I have 3 PM3's that give me this and wont update calls online
>> SQL Statement: UPDATE CallsOnline Set AcctStatusType=2,
>> CallDate=GetDate() WHERE NASIdentifier=''
>With Emerald/SQL Server you should NOT have Manual updates on.
>The trigger in SQL Server handles this. You need to also make
>sure that the ports for the PM3s ALREADY exist (0-48) before
>calls on-line will work (check that in the Emerald Admin,
>Config Radius, Server Ports).
Do I need to put in all ports and IP's for them It defaulted to All
Also I cant make the "WINNT" work I have tried it both in the Emerald and the User file.
ODBC: SQLFetch Error:100: (00000)

Not Found in ODBC, Checking users file...
Checking user record PW_PASSWORD type
chkPwd->strvalue is WINNT
decrypted pwd is john
(WINNT) User:john Domain: Password:john
Sending Reject of id 20 to ceab780b (

I have both Pap and Chap turned on the PM3's