Re: WAS ISP Billing Programs Blooming

Mark Williamson ( )
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 22:54:50 -0700

>ISP Manager ( ) is a low priced ( $500 )
>billing software with great reporting capabilities and a nice interface.
>Its reports ( Crystal Reports based .rpt ) can be posted on the web thru
>the use of Crystal Report's web engine. The only drawback I see is that ISP
>Manager only interfaces with NT RAS. If you're into RAS, you'll find its
>integration really nice. You can create users with the billing software
>itself. I will ask them if they've a Radius version available.

Thanks for the plug Danny :)

Anyway, varius RADIUS implimentations are being looked at, but at this
moment in time, we have not decided which direction to go. But the issues
higher on the priority list are user interface changes, more in depth
integration with other NT server subsystems and typical server apps, and
the SQL server backend.

The software is at version 1.5 and is available on

Mark Williamson
Omega Software