Re: WAS ISP Billing Programs Blooming

Robin Greenhagen ( )
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 01:23:56 +0000

> From: "Danny Sinang" <>
> GreenSoft's software is nice, but it's steeply priced.

Thanks, I think. Here are the driving factors in our pricing

A. Our products runs as a Web interface application that uses
Allaire's Cold Fusion as the middleware. We are begging for a
run-time version of CF that would be cheaper. Until we get the
run-time version, that adds $449 to our price. However, CF is
fetching a few extra dollars/month for ISPs that do CF hosting, so it
may be of some value to have it around.

B. Very few other companies will get as involved with you during the
installation of ANY software. We help you get up and running, so
that you can start billing ASAP. Each customer also has 1 year of
unlimited telephone and e-mail support, and all maintainence
releases during that year.

C. We also customize each install to integrate with your other
systems. Each ISP has a different mix of platforms, mail server, and
authentication schemes to deal with. If you review our web site
concerning 3rd party integration, you will find that we have spent a
lot of time developing for or learning about other peoples software.

We have delt with a number of customers that went all the way with
other systems, and switched to us because they were able to reach us,
and we had a needed answer for them.

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Robin Greenhagen
GreenSoft Solutions, Inc.