Re: Post.Office - Emerald 2.2.2

Mourad Dahoumane ( )
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 01:06:40 +0200

I agree with Sam's idea of archiving. I for instance keep track of all
records from the 01/01/97 in case... I will transfer the entire database
as it is very soon on another device and start with no call records for the
next six months. It's a bit problematic for usage billing. I decided to
stop using emerald for billing even though I miss it but I can live with
it. Frankly said , I prefer to see Emerald with strong capabilities of
authentication and users managment and a weak invoice module rather than
seeing Dale trying to please everyone here and there and not concentrate on
the core product as we experienced last November.

my 2 cents

Mourad Dahoumane

At 06:36 PM 6/24/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>I would like to hear someone's recommendation on how to handle this
>>situation. I have already volunteered to look into an option of
>>the details of the call to the user (configurable on a per user
>>If we don't move the records out of the calls table, users will be
>>double billed.
>Archive call records, etc. to a Emerald History Database, with a
>FE(same\similar) that allows lookup\print...? Yeah, more work on IEA's
>part but maybe that'll silence the masses :)
>Or you could do what we used to do at a little telco I used to work at
>waaay back... print CDR (Call Detail Records), archive those, archive
>the DB on a quarterly basis... again tho, we had a Q&D FoxPro FE to
>interface with the archives for reporting\etc. so...
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