Re: Post.Office - Emerald 2.2.2

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 23:23:41 -0700

Tom Bilan wrote:
> I love consolidation, it's a great, and necessary, idea but when the FBI
> comes to my office with a subpoena asking for call detail records (and YES
> this happens to me once a month) I won't be able to
> give them what they need. I also use those records for other statistical
> reasons.

Your solution is simple. Don't run consolidation and everything
will be great. :) If the FBI is coming to your door once a month
I would say you might want to choose your customers a little better. :)

> Both of MY reasons have nothing to do with Emerald billing structure.
> Perhaps the easiest way to accomplish my goal is to set up a trigger on the
> calls table that inserts an identical record into the calls-keep database
> or some such thing. I can stumble around SQL so I should be able to get
> any info I need from there and be able to cut/paste it to a user if necessary.

Creating a trigger to move specific fields in a stop record to another
would work.

> Help on such a trigger would be welcome :)

Righ Click on the calls table, select triggers, and it will show you the
current trigger. You'll need to create your second table, and then
to the trigger something like:

Insert Into DupCalls(UserName, CallDate, AcctSessionTime)
Values (inserted.UserName, Inserted.CallDate, Inserted.AcctSessionTime)

The fields depend on which fields you want into the dup table.

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