reccomendation on dealing with calls data.

Franco Nogarin ( )
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 17:09:25 -0600

well, the easiest way to handle it would be to have a boolean config option
for it, either records are purged at bill time or they are not. I
personally want to keep every record. They are very useful. As a matter of
fact, we enlisted the help of the government on an upgrade here and I was
able to use all the old call details to generate awsome trend, forcast and
growth stats of the company by using old data and current data, my choice
would be to continually expand the database and purge call record based on
closed MBR's when I client no longer uses my service and I delete his
account etc. I would purge his call history. but I would like to keep all
the history for clients. so why not have a choice of detailed invoice to
mail or brief, then if you send detail like the telcos do for LD you can
purge at consolidation time, if you send em' brief bills then make the
consolidation move the data to another table whose job is to hopld the data
and keep it archived or something.

Franco Nogarin
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Tom Bilan wrote:
> Also, on a previous thread, I agree with the person who was upset at
> the fact that the consolidation erased the detail records. I have had
> users in the past who wanted their dates and times online to verify
> my numbers. They generally do it to be a pain in the ass but I can
> see their point.

This is really started to become a no-win issue. We don't delete
and people complain about their databases becoming too big, logs
etc. We delete them to satisfy the customer, and now people are mad at

I would like to hear someone's recommendation on how to handle this
situation. I have already volunteered to look into an option of
the details of the call to the user (configurable on a per user basis).
If we don't move the records out of the calls table, users will be
double billed.

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