Re: Post.Office - Emerald 2.2.2

Sam Akhtar ( (no email) )
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 18:36:18 -0400

>I would like to hear someone's recommendation on how to handle this
>situation. I have already volunteered to look into an option of
>the details of the call to the user (configurable on a per user
>If we don't move the records out of the calls table, users will be
>double billed.

Archive call records, etc. to a Emerald History Database, with a
FE(same\similar) that allows lookup\print...? Yeah, more work on IEA's
part but maybe that'll silence the masses :)

Or you could do what we used to do at a little telco I used to work at
waaay back... print CDR (Call Detail Records), archive those, archive
the DB on a quarterly basis... again tho, we had a Q&D FoxPro FE to
interface with the archives for reporting\etc. so...