POST.OFFICE and EMERALD integration.

Warren Kipp ( )
Mon, 09 Jun 1997 14:18:54 -0600

Hello all members,

If anyone is running Post.Office 2.0 successfuly with Emerald billing, I
have a couple of questions.

1) Is there any documentation regarding the installation and setup
anywhere? (The Emerald docs I downloaded aren't quite finished in this area)

2) I have set this up as best as I could remember. In Emerald Admin under
Client Configuration I have:
Smart Host: (Mail Server ip)
Admin Email:
Company Name: ValleyNet

When I check the Config Database, External Systems section, it is setup as:

Ext. Name: Post.Office
Type: Post.Office. MTA
Description: Post.OFfice Server
Smart Host:
Postmaster: <Postmaster Account>
Password: <Postmaster Password>
Form-ID: e20fef318f5d381d5b0f086248923bbe

The Problem:

When I try to mail myself an Invoice with Emerald (2.1.8), in debug mode I get:

Mailing Invoice To: from <postmaster acct>

That all looks ok, but then I get a message that says: Invoice 79 not mailed.

I have tried this on a couple of Emerald clients and the same thing happens.
Do I need a third party driver (like the sendmail util) to be installed

Anxiously awaiting your help,

Warren Kipp