Millineum bug in emerald????

Franco Nogarin ( )
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 14:00:04 -0600

Ok, I did an SQL script the other day vi ISQL. looks like this:

update masteraccounts

set masteraccounts.maexpiredate="feb 2 2222 2:22AM"
from masteraccounts, subaccounts
masteraccounts.maexpiredate="May 1 1998 12:00AM" and
subaccounts.customerid=masteraccounts.customerid and
masteraccounts.payperiod="monthly" and and
subaccounts.accounttype <> "staff"

may 1 98 was the day I used to set the expire ahead far enough to avoid
manual renewals. funny thing is, after I did this, 78 customers were
expired. It seems that although SQL server knows the date was the year
2222, emerald itself thought it was 1922 and would not let users on, do you
plan to fix this soon, or do I have to set expires in the 1997-1999 area?

Franco Nogarin