Billing Bug (Undocumented Feature)Workaround

Duane Schaub ( )
Mon, 09 Jun 1997 16:11:38 -0500

We have been having occasional problems with accounts not getting invoiced.
I have looked VERY closely at the account and by every right, it should
get an invoice generated by the batching screen.

Incremental billing checked
Paidthru and Expires data: 5/28/97
OverLimit: 7

Date: 6/25/97

No invoice created. BUT, I have now found that if I batch for 5/30/97...
Presto.. 128 Invoices. Oh SH%^! So now I have solved the problem. We
bill for the first day of the week, not necessarily every day. For this
invoice, we billed on 5/26 and then on 6/2. All accounts due between 5/27
and 5/30 were skipped since the billing does not check for previous months
to see if theree are any unbilled accounts left.

The moral of this story is - be sure to invoice the LAST DAY of each month
to catch the all of your accounts.


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