Re: Radius eating up memory?

Greg Buffaloe ( (no email) )
Sat, 10 May 1997 06:40:55 -0400

> > Just before I first start running this test, the total memory in use
> > around 36,000k out of 228464. Physical Memory Available hovers around
> > 6000k. When radlogin is started, it may jump up to 37,000k. The longer
> > radlogin runs the higher the memory in use go up gradually. Physical
> > memory available stays steady. After about 90,000 logins, it'll go
> > 15-20 (time:70) logins, then appears to get stuck on a login then
> > thru 15-20 more. each time that occurs, the time gets longer and
longer on
> > the login it gets stuck on. Only then, the CPU usage will drop to 11%
> > after running 100% all the other times.The memory in use is about
> > at this point. The memory does not come back then either. The
> > memory available was stable thru all this till the slow down occurred,
> > it is round between 100k - 500k the entire time.
> >
> > By about this time I have to abort, cause it might take a year to let
> > run thru all the the logins. Then the memory comes back.
> Is this by any chance an hitting an Access database? My tests with MS
> Access show similar behavior, and with all the noted memory holes in the
> MS Access ODBC driver, I don't doubt it. Using SQL Server this does
> not happen.
-- > Dale E. Reed Jr.  (

This is hitting an Access database. If you had similar behavior, guess notmuch I can do about it unless you been able to solve it. Everything may befine. It is not like I will be logging in user at that rate for as I wasresting with.