Re: Radius eating up memory?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 10 May 1997 04:18:21 -0700

Greg Buffaloe wrote:
> > Is this by any chance an hitting an Access database? My tests with MS
> > Access show similar behavior, and with all the noted memory holes in the
> > MS Access ODBC driver, I don't doubt it. Using SQL Server this does
> > not happen.
> This is hitting an Access database. If you had similar behavior, guess not
> much I can do about it unless you been able to solve it. Everything may be
> fine. It is not like I will be logging in user at that rate for as I was
> resting with.

There is nothing we can do about the MS Access ODBC driver. It has
problems and memory issues. This is one of the reasons why Emerald
doesn't support MS Access. Hitting a SQL Server ODBC driver RadiusNT
gives rock solid response times w/out a single glitch. I watched the
memory for RadiusNT and it was within 1k of where it was when RadiusNT
started. Here is a sample clip from 1000 requests. The highest was
170ms (this is hitting a SQL Server with full ODBC authentication btw).

533: Time: 120 Auth: Good
534: Time: 111 Auth: Good
535: Time: 130 Auth: Good
536: Time: 130 Auth: Good
537: Time: 150 Auth: Good
538: Time: 120 Auth: Good
539: Time: 121 Auth: Good
540: Time: 120 Auth: Good
541: Time: 150 Auth: Good
542: Time: 120 Auth: Good
543: Time: 110 Auth: Good
544: Time: 120 Auth: Good
545: Time: 151 Auth: Good
546: Time: 140 Auth: Good
547: Time: 120 Auth: Good
548: Time: 120 Auth: Good

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