Radius eating up memory?

Greg Buffaloe ( (no email) )
Fri, 9 May 1997 06:42:44 -0400

Been testing radius by runnning 'radlogin greg greg 500000'. Below are the
some of my observation. It appears to eat up memory, longer the test run.
Any ideas why this might be occuring?

Pentium 133
32 MB ram
Win NT 4.0 sp2

after about 10,000 logins. the mem has jumped up to 42,000k (no slow down)
after about 18,000 logins the mem is now at 47,000k (no slow down)
"" 40,000 " " " 60,000k (no slow down)
"" 60,000 " " " 70,000k (no slow down) physical mem 6400k
92,000 89,000 (no slow down) 500k

around 93000 it stop/slows down. CPU had been running 100% now it's
dropping to 11%when it slow down on a single log in after about 20 fast log

still running after 98,000 logins. approx 20 logins will occur fast
(time=60) then on one login it will slow way down(time=100,000). It will
cycle thru this from then on. The CPU usage is at 100% when the fast
logins occur, but drop to as low as 11% when on the slow login. The memory
hovers around 100k-500k.