Re: Cannot create database [was: password limitations]

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 02 May 1997 14:42:10 -0700

> My settings are as follows:
> Device Configuration
> Name: EmeraldDev Size: 25 MB
> Filename: d:\mssql\data\emerald.dat

Does this file exist? SQL Server does not delete its database device
files. You may need to delete the above file before re-installing
the database.

> Also is there any archives before February of this list that I can
> review? I have a good feeling my answers have allready been discussed
> among this group in the past days of Emerald. With the "beta"
> documentation continually referring to the non-existant "Technical
> Guide" for database configuration information and leaving things as
> ???? I am left a bit in the dark without much prior experience in
> database managment. Please help.

I'll have to check if the old list archives are still around. They
might be on the other listserver stil.

If you tell us what errors you are getting on the new installtion, we
can probably help you about pretty quickly.

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