Cannot create database [was: password limitations]

Michael Miller ( )
Fri, 02 May 1997 17:18:18 -0400

Josh Hillman wrote:
> Go into Emerald Administrator (emeradmn.exe) and then into Client Config.
> You'll see the option right there (as well as other options).

> Josh Hillman
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Hello Josh,

I have tried to do so, and found I still had the 6 character
restriction. Later I learned that the entire database was not
*properly* functioning as well so after a day of frustration I am
completely reinstalling SQL server and Emerald to figure out just where
the installation went wrong. After looking at the little documentation
that exists from a couple sources on the installation I have run into a
few problems that maybe I can get some help with. Upon trying to create
a new database with the Emerald Administrator I get the error message,
"Create Database Failed. Please Check the Device Settings and Retry"

My settings are as follows:

Device Configuration

Name: EmeraldDev Size: 25 MB
Filename: d:\mssql\data\emerald.dat

D:\mssql is the path to the SQL server residing locally on the machine

Database Configuration

Name: Emerald Size: 25 MB

SQL Scripts Path:

C:\Program Files\emerald

C:\Program Files\emerald\ is the path in which Emerald has been

The version of the Emerald administrator I am using says 2.1.0
(currently available via
The version of SQL server is 6.5

Somehow I got past the error message in the prior installation, however
obviouslly not properly and sucessfully as while the previous database
did appear to hold records, there were numerous error messages on some
features, and the database would not export to the Radius users. file
through the client on the previous installation, nor could I
successfully get Radius to use ODBC to authenticate from the SQL server

Also is there any archives before February of this list that I can
review? I have a good feeling my answers have allready been discussed
among this group in the past days of Emerald. With the "beta"
documentation continually referring to the non-existant "Technical
Guide" for database configuration information and leaving things as
???? I am left a bit in the dark without much prior experience in
database managment. Please help.

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