Re: Serv-u

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 22:56:58 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 9 Apr 1997, Duane Schaub wrote:

> When logging in, the user recieves "Unable to locate home dir". I have
> checked and the directory does exist and the Serv-u console has full
> permission for the entire drive.

The unable to locate homedir is typically a permission or incorrect
home dir. I have ran into that one before when I have a bad directory
assigned to the user in Emerald.

> Also, on a related note. Many of our users have Netscape Gold and use the
> Publish feature. It seems that SErv-u is reporting that the files were
> transfered, but in fact, they were not. The problem is most evident when
> the file already exists, it will not be replaced. Just playing around,
> Serv-u does not support "rm filename" where as most unix systems do. I
> believe that this is the problem with Netscape, but have not had time to
> verify this.

rm in ftp land is rmdir, or Remove directory. Its NOT delete
a file. Serv-U does support rm and rmdir (the same thing). Netscape
is broke if its trying to use rm to delete files. I just verified
this on a linux and unixware ftp client.

> The problem also seems to be related to the su_emer v.3. I have one user
> who is creating web pages for other people. His personal account is in
> Serv-u, but some of his clients are in Emerald. He can update his pages
> fine, but the ones authenticated through emerald come back with an invalid
> home dir error or they appear to work fine, but the files do not get updated.

This could be that we still might have a permission or event not
allowed. What I would be interested in is a debug of a session
like that to see what commans its trying to send so that we
can find out what the problem is.

> Finally, When is the balance forward function going to work?

In the next major release.