Duane Schaub ( )
Wed, 09 Apr 1997 17:53:00 -0500

Here's the skinny...

When logging in, the user recieves "Unable to locate home dir". I have
checked and the directory does exist and the Serv-u console has full
permission for the entire drive.

Also, on a related note. Many of our users have Netscape Gold and use the
Publish feature. It seems that SErv-u is reporting that the files were
transfered, but in fact, they were not. The problem is most evident when
the file already exists, it will not be replaced. Just playing around,
Serv-u does not support "rm filename" where as most unix systems do. I
believe that this is the problem with Netscape, but have not had time to
verify this.

The problem also seems to be related to the su_emer v.3. I have one user
who is creating web pages for other people. His personal account is in
Serv-u, but some of his clients are in Emerald. He can update his pages
fine, but the ones authenticated through emerald come back with an invalid
home dir error or they appear to work fine, but the files do not get updated.

Finally, When is the balance forward function going to work?


Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:
> Philip Thomas wrote:
> >
> > I'm having a little problem with trying to login to servu. It seem like
> > the dll is loading, but I can't login. The dll is load, SQL is in mixed
> > mode, and it seems like all of the directories are being created. Any
> > ideas?
> >
> > Loaded external DLL c:\program files\emerald\su_emer.dll
> What is the error Serv-U is reporting? Is it bad username,
> can't login, dir inaccessable, or?
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