Credit Card Batch Problems

Larry Rhea ( )
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 14:23:53 -0600

Well never did get an answer to my questions so I will post it again.

I am having a problem with getting emerald to do a batchout for ic verify.
We have the external in the emerald admin client set at

CC Batch Format : IC Verify
Batch out/cc in : /program files/emerald/batchin.dat
Batch in/cc out : /program files/emerald/batchout.dat

In the Batch Tab area we entered the following

date : 4/1/97
Type : Credit Card

Then we select create, then select batchout.

The message no invoices to batch out is then given. Even through it is
telling us that 10 were made. The invoices are being made, you can see
then in the invoices area.

Ok Dale, what do we have set wrong? I am using 2.1.7
On a side note, how are you coming on the check field showing up when you
pay an invoice?