RE: Invoicing Problem

David Mulberry ( )
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 11:51:09 -0500

I asked in a previous message -=20
I was hoping that by this build we might be able to list only unpaid =
invoices or paid invoices under the invoice tab. Still don't see it, is =
this feature in the works?

Dales Response was -=20
Do you want to search upaind invoices or renewals or both? =20
With balance forward, there is no way to do this, or it gets
REALLY difficult to track.

Now that we are on the same sheet:

When you ask " Do you want to search unpaid invoices or renewals or =
both?" you confused me. When I select the invoice tab and hit search =
what is it loading? Invoices or renewals or both? I would assume that it =
is loading both. Is there a way to only search invoices or renewals? And =
what do mean balance forward? I'm not aware of any balance forwarding.

What I want to be able to do is when I receive a payment and the user =
failed to right the invoice number on the check find the unpaid invoice =
or renewal quickly and painlessly. What I imagine doing is clicking the =
invoice tab, typing in a users name or login and then searching on all =
unpaid invoices and or renewals for that customer and then pay the =
invoice . Now I noticed a new payments button under the payments tab, =
but you told me to ignore that for now. It would probably be even =
easier to just pull up that persons MBR and then pay the invoice from =
there. Maybe you can give me advice on a better way to do what I am =
trying to do?

As always any help is appreciated

David Mulberry