Invoicing Problem

David Mulberry ( )
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 16:45:58 -0500

Hope I haven't run into a bug. I am trying to run a batch renewal for =
all accounts that will expire by 4/15/97 and email the invoices. I just =
installed 2.1.0 . I have incremental batch selected under preferences. =
When I go to the batch tab and enter 4/15/97 and click the create button =
it says "no new invoices to create". I have several dozen that I know =
expire within this time frame. I can't find anything that might be =
causing this.

Also, I noticed that voided invoices show up under the payments tab for =
a MBR but not paid invoices. Is this the way it is supposed to work?

Last but not least, I was hoping that by this build we might be able to =
list only unpaid invoices or paid invoices under the invoice tab. Still =
don't see it, is this feature in the works?

Thanks for any help,

David Mulberry